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Tower Development and Custom Collocations


Over the past 13 years, SiteExcell has developed towers for most of the major wireless carriers in the United States including several leading national wireless carriers. Towers owned by SiteExcell are located primarily in the south central and southeastern areas of the United States. In recent years the relationship between tower owners as landlords and wireless company tenants seems to have become adversarial. We believe in treating the wireless carrier as our customer rather than our opponent. For example, we are amenable to reserving loading for future equipment in leases with our anchor tenants.


Unlike many other tower companies, SiteExcell does not charge inspection fees or require any more analyses or pre-construction requirements than are absolutely necessary for the projected installation. We describe this relationship as a custom collocation designed for the anchor tenant.



Site Acquisition


SiteExcell has over 15 years of site acquisition experience. Our team of project managers and agents specialize in dealing with difficult lease negotiations, zoning restrictions, and landowners. SiteExcell has performed site acquisition in 12 states for most major carriers including AT&T in Arkansas and Oklahoma; Cingular in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas; ALLTEL in Arkansas and Texas; and T-Mobile in Arkansas. We have also managed projects in South Dakota, Nebraska and Georgia.